Your first appointment allows you to experience how we work at the Keystone Clinic and helps you to decide if counselling is right for you.

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Your Appointment

First Appointment

We welcome all your questions and queries about counselling and the services we offer. Together you and your counsellor will begin to explore what brings you to counselling at this time, your hopes and expectations, needs and supports. 

Next Steps

At the end of the initial assessment you will together agree on the next step. If you wish to begin regular counselling, you and your counsellor will decide on appointment times and frequency of sessions. We may also need to refer you to another service and will help you with this transition.

Ongoing Appointments

Counselling works best if the appointment is regular and where possible at the same time. Weekly sessions provide the containment for safe effective processing of personal issues. However, flexibility is important and appointments will be scheduled based on the client’s needs and therapist’s availability. This can all be discussed at your initial appointment.

Session Length

The length of counselling sessions can vary depending on the type of therapy and whether a client is attending for an initial assessment or ongoing appointments. Generally a session lasts an hour, but EMDR processing therapy and couples therapy sessions can last an hour and a half. Initial appointments can also be longer than an hour.

Clients under 18

In the case of minors (under eighteen) it is standard practice that your counsellor will meet with the parents or guardian first. The initial session is therefore with the adults.  This allows for a history to be gathered prior to commencing with the young person, and for a consent form to be completed.

Cost of Therapy

Individual Psychotherapy, 1 hour – €75

Art Psychotherapy, 1 hour – €80

Couples Therapy, 1 hour – €80

Family Therapy, 1 hour – €80

EMDR Therapy, 1.5 hour – €90 [This is our standard rate. Our EMDR therapists work pro rata and charge appropriately for longer or shorter sessions. This will be discussed with you by your therapist.]

Supervision, 1 hour – €80

EMDR Consultation, 1 hour – €80

During your initial appointment the ongoing fee will be discussed and agreed on based on the client’s needs and the therapist’s level of experience. A sliding fee scale is available and the Clinic has access to subsidised funding in certain circumstances. Our philosophy is that counselling is a universal service. We don’t turn clients away for financial reasons. We will always find a way to work with you.

Cancellation Policy

With respect for each individual and the counsellor’s time, we require at least 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend; otherwise, payment will be expected for the missed session.
Frequently Asked Questions
Will my Insurance Pay for Counselling?

Many health insurance companies today cover counselling sessions. If you happen to hold private health insurance, please check with your provider to learn about your cover. Your level of cover will depend on the individual policy you hold.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The amount of sessions needed is individual to each person and the therapeutic approach. This can be discussed in depth in your initial appointment.

Are there Evening/Weekend Appointments?

Most of our therapists work during normal business hours, Monday – Friday 9am-5pm. Occasionally a therapist, depending on their working hours, will do evening or weekend appointments. Appointments outside of business hours can not be guaranteed. 

Do You Offer Online Appointments?

At the Keystone Clinic the majority of our appointments are in person. Some of our therapist’s provide online counselling, so this can be discussed. However, for most of our therapists, the preference is for face-to-face therapy.

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