EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner and Consultant in Training.

MBChB, DFFP, MSc (EMDR therapy).

CLARE SMITH: 0044 7855452817

EMDR therapy to free your mind and body from the footprints of trauma, creating a pathway to a more fulfilling future.

Clare Smith is an EMDR Europe accredited practitioner and consultant in training. She holds a master’s degree in EMDR therapy. She offers a range of trauma-based interventions, primarily Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, to support people of all ages in their recovery from the impact of traumatic and distressing events, however large or small, and whenever they occurred. She offers bespoke therapy, which can be adapted to suit the needs of all her clients, including those experiencing complex dissociation such as dissociative identity disorder/response (DID/DIR), and neurodiverse children and adults.

Clare has her own practice in the UK, where she works both online and in person, including ‘walking EMDR’ along lanes and footpaths. Here at The Keystone Clinic, Clare works entirely online, using a specialised online EMDR therapy platform.

Clare is an international speaker on EMDR therapy in autism, and the lead author of a co-written chapter in the soon-to-be-published Oxford Handbook of EMDR Therapy. She lectured part-time at the University of Worcester for many years on topics relating to child and adult mental health. She now concentrates on supporting EMDR therapists, and teaching about the use of EMDR therapy with dissociative and neurodiverse people of all ages.

As a former NHS Associate Specialist Psychiatrist working with families in the Child and Adolescent
Mental Health Service for 14 years, Clare’s specialism was the assessment and mental health of children and young people who experienced the world differently, often due to autism, ADHD, tics, sensory processing, language or learning difficulties. Having left clinical medicine/psychiatry, she brings her knowledge and skills to her EMDR therapy practice.

For more information about Clare and her work, please visit her UK website

“It’s not about ‘What’s wrong with you?’ it’s about ‘What happened to you?’”

- Eleanor Longden, 2013
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