Accredited Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Supervisor

Dip. Gestalt Psychotherapy, IOPT Practitioner, SIACP, MIAHIP

Sheelagh Hickey: 087-6503999

Gestalt therapy to help individuals develop new perspectives and bring positive changes into their lives.

Sheelagh trained and works as a Gestalt Counsellor & Psychotherapist.  This therapeutic approach encourages personal awareness through experience, rather than understanding, as the key to change.

Sheelagh is an accredited Psychotherapist with I.A.H.I.P. (The Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy) , and an accredited Supervisor and Therapist with I.A.C.P. (The Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).  She began her practice in 2007 and worked in two Community based Centres in Tallaght and Tullow.  She also started and maintains a private practice in County Kildare.

Sheelagh offers Couples Counselling, using the Resnik’s Gestalt Model, which is based on the most complex human dilemma  “how to be connected with another and maintain a self”. This model encourages couples to stay as two individuals, suggesting a healthy relationship needs difference to be successful.

Sheelagh continues to attend seminars on various topics organised by the Gestalt Institute of Ireland. 

As a result of many clients presenting with trauma, and wanting to know more about how it affects us,  Sheelagh has been attending International Trainings with Prof. Franz Ruppert in Munich and online since 2017. This is a Research based approach, known as I.O.P.T., Identity Oriented Psychotrauma Therapy, and the theory of this approach has been a most helpful addition to Sheelagh’s work with all her clients.

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